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Magliner Glyde Hand Truck

Magliner Glyde Hand Truck

This is A Build Your own Unit, ONE PRICE to Build it the way you want, Select Frame, Handle, Wheels, Nose and add your options, some available options are only compatible with certain components, Frame Extension height is measured on a 39" frame, for 52" Frames add 13" to the overall height, Bolted Nylon cross Member frames offer increased repairability compared to riveted frame construction. any Questions please call us 800-693-3353

The Magliner hand truck with Glyde Technology is a lightweight system providing automatic pre-set braking for safer load control while descending stairs.
Easily moves loads up to 350 lbs. down stairs
Folding treads enable use on stairs and level surfaces
Built-in braking system reduces musculoskeletal strain
Treads engage a minimum of two steps at all times for positive traction and a smooth descent
SHIPS ASSEMBLED --Actual Shipping Costs provided for approval prior to Processing Order, Commercial Addresses are preferred
See Manual


Frame Length & Type
Handle Choice
Hi-U Frame Extensions Add 13" for 52" Frames
Wheel Choices
Nose Choices
ID Strip Choices $7.77
Choose Options "Wings"
Optional Folding Nose
Optional Wheel Guards
Keg Hook #5 Frame only