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Magliner Control Pro Hydraulic Brake Truck C-22-G2-1050-60F-SC-EH

Magliner Control Pro Hydraulic Brake Truck C-22-G2-1050-60F-SC-EH

C-22-G2-1050-60F-SC-EH Horizontal Loop Hydraulic Brake Truck with Stair Climbers
The Hydraulic Brake Truck with ControlPRO™ technology provides increased speed control with reduced muscle strain.
Axleless design prevents brake misalignment
Adjustable brake lever grip width - no tools required
Brake lever can be mounted for right hand or left hand use
Ergonomic kick bar assists with loading, unloading and breaking back loads
18" x 9" extruded aluminum nose
60" frame extension with foam provides taller load support
Model includes stair climbers with robust wear strip and extractor handle
Hydraulic Brake Truck ships fully assembled, A Ship Quote will be Provided to you Prior to Processing the Order
Frame: 39 Inch Tall Straight Back w/ 2-1/8 inch Cross Braces
Handle: Horizontal Loop w/ Sleeve and Brace
Nose: Extruded Aluminum - Flush Mount 18(W) x 9(D)
Wheels: 10" Microcellular Foam
Options Included
Hi-U Frame Extension with Foam Sleeve 60 inch
Extractor Handle
Adjustable Stair Climbers
Overall width 20-1/2"
Overall height 60"
Overall depth 20"
Capacity 600 lbs.
Weight 40 lbs.
SKU - PBAC22G2H6H-----E